Food and nutrition affects the health, learning and behavior associated with many childhood and adult disorders. Because body and brain are connected, you can improve or eliminate symptoms of autism, ADHD and other issues by giving special attention to the food and nutrition children receive.

To determine the best diet for a particular individual, you must consider: digestive capacity, bio-individuality, family history, inflammation, symptoms present, and more. The diet that’s best for one person, may not be right for another. Depending on the individual, any of these diets can be healing: Gluten-free casein-free, SCD, GAPS Diet, Paleo, Low oxalate, Body Ecology, Failsafe, Feingold, Low FODMAPS, or another diets.

There are many improvements when parents take charge of diet—here are some of the most commonly reported:

  • Better Attention
  • Reduced hyperactivity
  • Improved eye-contact and socialization
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced constipation and diarrhea
  • Less rash or eczema
  • Physical pain relieved
  • Decreased aggression
  • Language skills increase
  • More calm
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Easier toilet training


She is also trained in Integrative Yoga Therapy as well as several other energy practices and certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, she leads works shops on nutrition, yoga and meditation classes as well as offering individual counseling sessions. 

Services/Pricing for Sherry’s services: 

Our body and brain are connected. Good news, through science and Bio-Individual Nutrition® it’s now possible to improve, reduce or eliminate symptoms of Autism, ADHD, SPD, Anxiety and other ‘spectrum disorders” by giving special attention to the food, nutrition and environment of your child!


The journey to making your child well again can be long, confusing and sometimes more expensive than it needs to be. I’ll guide the way so you and your child get there faster and with less stress. This work is for your family if you;

  • Want to cut through loads of information with clear direction and a solid plan
  • Want to avoid the overwhelm and time of doing it all yourself
  • Want to avoid pharmaceuticals
  • Are frustrated by the lack of results from the healthcare system
  • Are willing to put in the time and effort to “do the work”
  • Understand that issues such as emotions, family trauma, spirituality and subtle energy can have a profound effect on your child’s health
  • Want a comprehensive approach to recovering your child, not just dealing with nutrition advice here or therapeutic advice there


Step 1 - Cleaning up the Diet $75.00

Guidance and hand outs to remove the common food triggers that keep us sick or trigger unwanted behaviors. 

Step 2- Healing Diet Consult $75.00

Includes guidance to select a customized healing diet, supportive handouts to keep you on track and access to a unique nutrition cloud based software of recipes to support your healing diet of choice. 

Step 3 - Supporting the Gut- Brain Connection $75.00

Includes customized guidance to heal your child’s gut which may include yeast, parasites, balancing intestinal flora, antioxidants, immune support, leaky gut protocol and sneaky nutrition! 

Step 4 - Detox Protocols - $75.00

Our children are born with an average of 217 chemicals already in their developing bodies and are continually bombarded through food, air and water as they grow. This program cleans up the home environment as well as your child’s internal environment. 

Step 5 - Stress Protocols - $75.00

Our emotional environment is critical to our health and healing. Negative emotions cause cortisol and acetylcholine to cascade through all our cells informing them to behave in unhealthy ways. Individualized tips, techniques, supplements and more. This often benefits the whole family! 

Step 6 - Refining and Finalizing your healing strategy - $75.00

As your child moves heals through this work cross reactivity may unfold, a need for layering another healing diet on top of the original or perhaps a lessening of dietary restrictions with a Rotation Diet is called for. These changes are driven by the parents review of remaining symptoms or issues. 

Comprehensive Healing Consultation Bundle $ 375.00 * Best deal includes all for less*

Includes steps 1- 6 Suggested timing of appointments is every two weeks or once per month. Email questions in between visits are included at no charge.