Todd Stelik

Todd graduated from the University of Hartford in 1997 with a Degree in Occupational Therapy, and a minor in Psychology. After graduation, he assisted clients at Rhode Island Hospital, offering care in: rehabilitation, acute mental health, burn care, acute inpatient and outpatient, and pain management. He also supported early development in school systems in Southeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island, specializing in the care of children within the spectrum of autism, developmental disabilities, neurological conditions, genetic disorders and behavioral issues.

Areas of particular interest include: integrating manual therapies with BioEnergetic medicine and lifestyle changes to promote health and wellness; treating infants and toddlers to remediate influences of their individual life traumas; supporting people suffering from chronic pain and related emotional issues; and exploring nutrition's role as it relates to internal states of balance and quality of life.

He believes in the benefits of touch, and views the therapeutic process as a means of releasing the inherent corrective capabilities within each patient. He views the physical body as an integrated vessel in which emotion, spirit and life energy produce our individual experience. Imbalance in any area can lead us away from wellness and health.

  • Licensed¬†Occupational Therapistt
  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
  • CranioSacral Practitioner

Aaron Stelik

Aaron specializes in sensory integration and autism, connecting the behavioral aspect with the neurological disorder. He spent many years working in the school systems, and has extensive experience working with children of all ages.

He immerses himself in continuing education and has had a wealth of training on several different avenues. He enjoys working with children and adults, and primarily focuses on ages 2 through 12.

  • Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant
  • Assistant Director